When I Met You in The Summer

When I Met You in The Summer


Meet Jakob Ruderfors, A young world traveler from Hånger, a small village south of Sweden.
"Is your free time to free minds or for falling apart" - The Strokes, lyrics from "Ize of the world"

What music did you grow up listening to as a young kid?

When I was younger I listened to a lot of different kinds of music but I listened to house music especially. When it was new and almost experimental, I listened to Avicii and swedish house Mafia but I also listened to rap and hip hop a lot. I used to love Eminem and listened to all his music over and over, trying to learn the lyrics till I knew every word.

Name one of your favorite albums of all time?

"Is this it" by The strokes is definitely one of my favorite albums of all time. I just love The Strokes and their debut album. I think it is the absolute best with tracks like "Hard to Explain", "Someday" and "Last Night".

What is the best concert you’ve ever been to and why?

I think the best concert I've been to was a festival in Gothenburg last summer. I saw Kendrick Lamar for the first time and he was just great. I listened to his DAMN album a lot so it was really special to me to see him performing it live.

What is the last song you listened to?

The last song I listened to was "bury a friend" with Billie Eilish which is also my latest add in my playlist. I love Billie Eilish.

How did the playlist come to be?

I was in the US a few years back, missing my friends and missing home and an old song started playing from an even older playlist on my phone. You now when you have a memory or a certain time in your life connected to a song? I think we all have them, and that was originally what my playlist was intended for; to be a playlist with a lot of different songs to take me back to different times and places in my life. I started adding songs that I had a connection to and it was obvious that many people felt something listening to these songs again because it started growing out of nowhere and since then it kept on doing just that.