what the fuck tho where the love go

what the fuck tho where the love go


Yuki is a 17 year old from Osaka, Japan, but lived in Southern California for the majority of his life which is where his love for hip hop really developed.
"I miss California, I went to a lot of amazing music festivals when I was there and learned so much about hip hop."

What music did you listen to as a young kid?

My dad played 80s and 90s alternative music like Oasis, but my brother and I discovered hip hop together, we loved Kanye and Kid Cudi.


Best concert you’ve ever been to?

Camp Flog Gnaw 2016 and Coachella 2018!


What artist dead or alive would you interview and why?

Kanye West, really interested in his open mind.


What type of music do you NOT like?

EDM is too intense for me


Walk Out song?

Championship - Meek Mill