We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow

We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow


Meet Nadine, a 25 year old Spotify playlist curator from Cologne, Germany.
“To be honest: I started this playlist when I felt pretty heartbroken. I just wanted something to cry to, but as cliché as it sounds I felt better with every song I added to the playlist. I like how peacefully the sound of the songs make me feel, now it is kind of my playlist to relax to and to take my mind off of the daily life. "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow" by Soko was the first track, that made it to the list so I named it after the song, but oddly I just call it "my crying-list". I guess because it's why I made it in the first place.”


Describe your playlist. Perfect situation(s) for jamming it include:

Depending on your mood it can make you cry or feel very peacefully - it's an allrounder. I think a perfect situation would be if you want to calm down and take your mind off of stress.


Who is your favorite artist?

If I have to pick one... David Bowie.



What song do you currently have on repeat?

Fever Pitch by Rainbow Kitten Surprise



Is there any music that turns you off? If so, what genres / artists:

Really can't think of anything



What's more important to you: lyrics or production?

What's important to me is how the songs makes me feel - then i start listening to the rest.