Up tempo & Hardcore

Up tempo & Hardcore


Meet Sanne, a 38-year-old playlist curator from Hallum, Holland.
“ It started in 2015 when I wanted a list with some harder styles of hardcore, that I could easily enjoy everywhere. Now it’s my favorite [playlist] to listen to, wherever I go.”

Who are your favorite artists?

Tough question... I have so many... depending on my mood.... But my top 4 today (in the Hardcore) are Dr Peacock, Promo, Neophyte and SRB.

Favorite album(s)?

All of the Thunderdome's - especially the live ones. But I don't only listen to uptempo hardcore. One thing I am into right now is film music. I often listen to The World of Hans Zimmer and music by Howerd Shore. And I love it when they mix the classical music with hardcore... then I really get goosebumps. Honestly, I like it when they mix other music styles in the hardcore... and I think my playlist represents that.

Favorite song(s)?

Still Nr 1, Neophyte + the Playah - Fuck Martina, Bodylotion - Time (Inception) Hans Zimmer.

Favorite lyric and who said it?

Everything I'm not makes me everything I am.... Kanye West.

What was the best concert you’ve ever attended? Why was it the best?

My favorite party ever.... easy. It was on New Years Eve December 31st '98, Megarave 99. The place where it was held was in Rotterdam, but it was torn down not long after it. The Energiehal, until [then] it was like a mecca for the Hardcore here in Holland. The people were great, the vibe was that you belonged there and the bass was so loud and proud I can still feel it !!!

What was the last concert you attended?

Its been a long [time], but the last big Dance festival I attended was Thunderdome, 25 years of Hardcore in Utrecht.

Any additional information you want to include?

I love how music can affect your mood and this playlist is one I can play when I am down or sad and it always picks me up and gives me a feeling that I can carry the world on my shoulders. It makes me happy. And that is what I wanna give to the people who follow me.