Meet Rafael Souza a 21-year-old from Miracatu, Sao Paulo.
“Among friends, I was always in charge of creating playlists or soundtracks of our parties and meetings. After the emergence of Spotify, it was easier not only to create these playlists but also to share them. Curiously my funk playlist became popular not only among my friends, but also in Brazil as a whole, and surprisingly also heard outside the country.”

What music did you listen to growing up as a young kid?

In funk, the main rhythm of the most successful playlist, I have the references that most Brazilians have when it comes to rhythm. Bonde Tigger, MC Bob Rum, MC Marcinho, MC Koringa, Hawaiians, Dennis DJ and also more recent names, already with different themes in their lyrics, like MC Daleste, MC Lon, MC Guime, Borel Nego, among others.


Name one of your all-time favorite albums?

An album that marked a great revolution in funk and made me more aware of the rhythm was the album of "Furacão 2000 Vol.2", whose sounds were successful in Rio de Janeiro and throughout Brazil, is undoubtedly one of the biggest conventions of the funk already performed.


What was the best show you've ever seen?

Dennis DJ's show is simply fantastic. He is a DJ that has a lot of funk knowledge and is always up to date, and always sounds very good.


What is your favorite quote?

I like all the lyrics in "Rap do Silva" by MC Bob Rum. A Funk classic that every Brazilian knows


Do you have any hidden talent?

I know the basics of sound mixing and beats creation. Could have tried to become a DJ, but I don’t think it's for me. Having good and updated playlists for my friends is something that already makes me very happy.