Synthpop Nights

Synthpop Nights


Meet Joan, a 19-year-old music lover from Barcelona.
“I had tons of GB of music stored in my mp3's back in the day and it was a total mess, so one day I decided to start organizing all of them in different playlists by genre & mood. This is only one of the more than 50 playlists that I currently curate!”

What is the soundtrack to your life?
Deep answer: All the unique music I've found over the years truly made from the heart to the point of tears.
Translation: Experimental melancholic music.

What is the most annoying song in the world?
The first that comes to my mind is Starships by Nicki Minaj, which has the most horrendous drop I've heard in my entire life.

What’s more important to you? Music; or lyrics? Why?
Definitely music, since it's the main important element here but lyrics comes to a close second. Aside from curating playlists, I also make music in my free time which I always combine with quotes from my most beloved movies and shows to depict my feelings as close to reality as I can. But yes, music is and always will be the most important. Words can describe feelings but melodies convey them.

Favorite artist?
That's one of the two most complicated questions you can ever ask a nerdy music lover like me, but regarding what I've been listening in these last years I'm gonna go with Architects.

If you had the chance to interview any artist, who would it be? (dead or alive)
Hmm good question, I've never thought about that. Probably Julien Marchal, Nils Frahm or Jean-Michel Blais at the moment, since I'm currently aiming to create my own music towards their same direction.

Last concert you went to?
Architects, Holy Hell tour in Barcelona alongside Beartooth and Polaris this January. Was the second big concert of my life and the first metal one I attended (and alone). Felt a bit lost in the beginning, made some friends midway and ended being one of the best experiences I've ever had.