Stacy's Mom is a Teenage Dirtbag

Stacy's Mom is a Teenage Dirtbag


Meet Nathan, a 25 year old Spotify playlist curator from Manchester, UK.
“I really can't remember [when I started my playlist] exactly. I want to say back in 2017 when I started working full time. I was bored of the radio driving into work and wanted something that was very different to corporate work and took me back to being 15 again.”

What kind of music/artists did you grow up listening to?

Very varied.. music was never something I was hugely passionate about so I'd usually let other people dictate what I listened to. This resulted in a lot of 80s music when my mum was in charge, a lot of girly pop from my sister and then the pop punk inspiration for this playlist from my friends at school.

Who are your all-time favorite artists and why?

I'd have to go with the artists where I remember listening to albums on repeat for hours and hours - top 3 are Oasis, Blink-182 and Noah and the Whale. 

Name a song (or songs) you have listened to on repeat –

Closer - Chainsmokers - takes me back to my favourite Summer every time.

Any interesting artist(s) you've just started listening to recently?

 I've just been introduced to Milestones from my home town of Manchester who I think would fit right in on my playlist 

Tell us about you! Occupation, hobbies, interests, a quote, your site, etc. -- anything you want to add to introduce yourself at the top of your post!

I'm a Management Consultant (which is boring), whose main passion is football (watching lots and playing badly) but when it comes to music I would never say it's something I've been that passionate about, I'll listen to anything and I usually just want to have something that takes me back to fond memories - which is exactly why I made the playlist I did!