Meet Martin, a Spotify playlist curator from Italy.
“I made this playlist to share my personal taste with others.”

Describe your playlist in a few words.

Music that can be played in every situation.

Who are your top 5 favorite artists?

At the moment Jonas Aden, David Allen, Martin Garrix, Timmy Trumpet, DROELOE

What was the best concert you ever attended?

Duomo Milan, Martin Garrix & Afrojack.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Martin Fedeli, known as Niträm, has Italian and Czech origin. He was born in Gallarate in 1996, a city in the north of Italy, thanks to his Czech mother, he spends much of his childhood in Prague and learns czech language. While the other half passes in Rome because of his father who is from there. The mixture of these two cultures reveals new horizons and develops since its childhood his greatest passion, that is to produce electronic music. In 2015 he launched his project "Nitram" and his name grows fast for his innate capacities with the launchpad and makes his way among the best clubs in northern Italy. Maturing discovers new goals and in recent years has produced many tracks as a ghost and has worked on the realization of his artistic profile with the release of new tracks. His name also grows in Czech Republic both as a DJ but especially as a producer where he was invited as a special guest making his first debut outside the Italian national territory. Martin has been in the studio with many international artists like Matisse & Sadko, Shapov, Dr. Shiver, David Allen, Polina, Federico Gardenghi etc. He opened artists like Timmy Trumpet, Danko, Promise Land, David Allen, Laioung, Sfera Ebbasta, Vegas Jones and many more! You can know more on his IG @nitrammusic.

How long has music been in your life?

Since i was born.