songs that white people get turnt to

songs that white people get turnt to


Meet Marin Jeffries, 19, from New Jersey -
I’ve been dancing for over 15 years, which has sparked a love of music for me.



When & why did you make your playlist?

About 3 years ago, because I wanted all of my favorite throwback songs in one place.


Perfect situation(s) for jamming your playlist include:

Parties, driving, getting ready, cleaning, and whenever you need to dance it out


What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

Rock and roll  

What was the best concert you’ve ever attended and why?

Florence and the Machine. It was an intimate setting and I went with my mom who had made me a huge fan.

First concert you attended?

I don’t know if this counts... but the Wiggles!

Last concert you attended?

Future and Migos

Who are your all-time favorite artists and why?

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Drake, Queen, and Post Malone. There is quite a variety there, but those are the artists my taste is naturally drawn to.


Name one of your favorite albums of all time -

Stoney by Post Malone

Name a song(s) you have listened to on repeat –

Radio Ga Ga by Queen

Centerfold by The J. Geils Band

Rich & Sad by Post Malone

Hotel California by The Eagles

Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers

-- My favorite songs of all time!