Soca, Dancehall & Reggae

Soca, Dancehall & Reggae


Meet Nichlous, a music lover from Guyana.
“I made this playlist for my love of music and my culture. Carribean music makes anyone happy. It's makes you want to dance. It carries a positive vibe


Name one of your favorite albums of all time?

Soca Gold 2016

What is your favorite quote?

If you were born poor, it's not your fault. If you die poor, it's definitely your fault. - Bill Gates

If you were a singer, what current living artist would you like to collaborate with?

Vybz Kartel, Kranium, Drake and Tory Lanez.

Do you have a life slogan?

Don't be a follower, be a leader.


What music did you grow up listening to as a young kid?

Soca, Dancehall, Reggae, and Hip Hop.