So Indie!

So Indie!


Meet Qrtr Playlists!
“QRTR started out as a platform where influencers from TV, radio and other media shared their favorite tracks in a playlist. ‘QRTR by ..’. This eventually turned into a more general platform for music curation. We find tons of cool new artists and track every day and this is the perfect way to share it with a bigger audience.”

What would you guys say your favorite genre/playlist is on your site?

The music we share is mostly based around indie/alternative. So we have a ‘Coffeehouse’ playlist, which is called Morning Coffee, but with an indie/folk twist. Same for Mood Booster and of course So Indie!


If you could choose any major artist to co-sign 'Qrtr Playlists' who would it be and why? As you can see in our Alternative Hits playlist, we really dig Mumford & Sons. They make music that fully resonates with QRTR as a brand and they also collaborate with a lot of cool artists that we also like.


Do you have a slogan/quote that you feel best represents you?

We aim to serve music with an edge, the alternative mainstream within the indie, folk and pop genres.


What is your favorite thing about sharing music with others?

Music is such an important part of our daily lives. A song can set the mood, brighten up your day, provide comfort and bring energy or focus. We love to create playlists that resonate with other like-minded people and bring them together to discover new gems in music, just like we do every day.