Sex Playlist / Late Night R&B

Sex Playlist / Late Night R&B


Meet 20 year old Nathan from Calgary, Canada
“I’m currently studying computer science at the University Calgary. ”

Dead or alive which two artist would you like meet and why?

J.Cole - he is one of my favorite artists. I personally think 2014 Forest Hill Drive is one of the best album he’s made. He’s such great lyricist and the instrumentals he picks and produces are amazing. He is timeless.

Mac Miller - I would have loved to see him. His music is so emotional and strong. He seemed genuine and carried great energy.


Who do you think had the best album last year?

Mih-Ty joint album between Jeremih and Ty Dolla $ign. It’s a short album and personally I think it’s slept on.


Last song you’ve listened to?

Brown by Kyle Dion


Who are you wanting to see this year and why?

Dvsn. They’re great at what they do and seem like they would put on a good show.


Best show you’ve been to?

Daniel Caesar that sh*t was magical!!! He’s incredible.

You know when you listen to an artist and they sound good through audio and then you see them perform live and they sound exactly the same? Well that’s him! He has a great voice.