Meet Julia, 27 years old from Brazil
“Wanted to make a playlist just for me, with my favorite songs.”


What music did you grow up listening to as a young kid?

I grew up listening to rock because of my father's influence.


Name your top 3 favorite artist and why?

Future is number 01. I think he's super creative and I love his songs. In number 2 I would put Rihanna, I think she's amazing and her live performances are always great. In 3rd place I would put Nicky Minaj, I love her songs, especially the last album.


What is the best concert you've ever been to?

I really like a Brazilian band called Engineers of Hawaii. The singer's show was one of the best in my life.


Do you have a hidden talent?

hahaha. I would say that I have an accurate look at certain aspects of life.