School of Rock

School of Rock


Meet 22 year old Kyle Tallis who was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia
“I created this playlist about five years ago during my freshman year of college at UGA”

What album reminds you of your childhood and why?

My dad never listened to the radio and only had 2 CD’s in his car, Jim Croce Greatest Hits and Abba Greatest Hits, so those definitely remind me of my childhood.

Who is an artist you think people should know about in 2019?

A rapper named Bobby Feeno who's real name is Arian Foster as in the NFL football player

What song recently are you constantly putting on?

J.Cole - Middle Child

What would your walk-out song be?

Hippie Sabotage "Options"

Last Concert you went to, and favorite concert of all time?

The last concert I went to was Sloss Fest in Birmingham, AL

It was at a really cool venue but a bunch of acts were canceled due weather.

My favorite concert is between Waka Flocka or The Revivalists at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Georgia.