Meet Lasse, a music lover from Copenhagen.
“Hi! I'm a senior year student living in Copenhagen. I'm studying 'Medialogy', which is like computer science but with a humanistic approach. Simultaneously, I'm the head of audio and social media manager for a smaller dj group (for 10 years now).   I love most music genres which is why I love my playlists, there is something for everyone!"
What is the soundtrack to your life?
I grew up listening to emo rock/pop rock, r&b -and- old school hardstyle and eurodance. You're talking about opposites?
I remember that Linkin Park was the first band I downloaded to my hard drive. I think i found out about so much music by
watching game videos of Halo and Counter Strike with awesome soundtracks, even back in a time before Youtube.
Computer games in general did expose me to a lot of different music. I played piano for some years, and can generally play most standard instruments.
My dad has always listened to everything 60's, both early 'regular' and late 'progressive' music, so a lot of music also found its way to my ears as well.
Then in the middle 2000's, going to high school (and studying music A-level of course), I discovered electronic music (and all its subgenres, pop or underground).
I was hooked, and soon found myself buying DJ equipment and making bad mashups.. Soon after I joined our DJ group, and since then, 
I've been listening to new music ever since. And sometimes you discover something totally new. I'm proud to have discovered genres such as 
moombahton, threeball, and other fusion genres way back in 2012 or something ;) As I've grown older, I have found weird satisfaction listening to ethnic and traditional music. 
Whether it's from Asia, Africa, Arctica, Australia or America, I dig it. Must be the simplicity of it, yet complex rhythms and trance-like sounds are still there as well.
Must also be my musical background helping me in beginning to like classical music focusing on progressions and harmonies, as well as jazz or even abstract music, focusing on the 
sound complexities and other rules broken in music theory. So what is not a soundtrack to my life? Opera, maybe?

What is the most annoying song in the world?
Once in a while my ears must be saved from something. I like a lot of weird and bad stuff as well.
But for myself I can just feel when a song is just 'another one'; done by someone who has no care in the world for that song, 
only to make a profit. The song is boring, and sounds like every other song on the radio. Those songs are the most annoying.
They have to have some identity!

What’s more important to you? Music; or Lyrics? Why?
Music. Because I'm listening to all the small changes in the music, I totally forget what the lyrics are about.
I know so many songs, but I can't sing most of them!

Favorite artist? 
If I look at what I've played the most of all time (thanks, Last.fm) it's Deadmau5, Justice, Wolfmother or Major Lazer, but it's been many years since I was really into them.
Right now it's probably an artist called NAO - the music is so organic and dynamic, and her voice is soulshaking. I especially love the song "Drive and Disconnect". Love the ending piano improv!

If you had the chance to interview an artist, who would it be? (Dead or alive)
I'd take Michael Bloomfield (rip. '71) for an interview, about his love for blues, who his idols are/were, and if he could live a bit longer so he could play more with all the big names in blues, whether its from Memphis, California, or Chicago!

Last concert? 
Grandmaster Flash dropped by Amager Bio not too long ago - great to hear some classic hip hop!
Also Roskilde Festival in general, don't remember specific concerts though (cheers)