Meet Jeanette, a 33 year old Spotify playlist curator from Vatne, Norway.
“Im not 100% sure, but I think I started that list somewhere around 2013-2015 maybe. That's when I started using my phone instead of my mp3 player.I love to listen to music, everywhere, so I guess thats why, I have my phone everywhere and therefor also my music.”


Describe your playlist. Perfect situation(s) for jamming it include:

My playlist suits most casual situations I guess. Like roadtrips, or chilling with friends, or singing to in the shower, or dance to or whatever you feel like doing while you listen to music. It includes all differet types of music, so there is something for everyone who likes this type of music.


Who is your favorite artist?

I don't think I have one favorite artist, I listen to so many different types of artist and group, and they change along with my mood.



What song do you currently have on repeat?

I have so many songs on repeat. I love the repeat button. Right now, one of them is Beyoncé, WizKid - Brown Skin Girl. It just gives me good vibes.


Who is the first artist you remember connecting to growing up?

Avril Lavigne. I was obsessed! Her music style, lyrics, clothes, her additude, the whole thing.


Is there any music that turns you off? If so, what genres / artists:

Opera and some metal and techno. If I can't hear the lyrics or understand what they are singing I don't feel connected. I need to be connected to the music I listen to.



What's more important to you: lyrics or production?

Lyrics, for sure. I can listen to a song on repeat just for one simple line in the song. If it hits me, it hits me hard.