RnB love songs / R&B throwbacks ⇨ 2019

RnB love songs / R&B throwbacks ⇨ 2019


Meet Sara, 30 years old from Sweden.
“I wanted to make a playlist with some of my favorite RnB throwbacks, but also mix it with new releases. ”


What’s more important to you? Music; or Lyrics? Why?

I would say music, although both are important to me. Lyrics make me think and music makes me feel. How the music makes me feel is more important.


Who is your favorite artist?

Beyonce. Her work, mindset and efforts are amazing.


What was your favorite concert of all time?

Beyonce's homecoming was extraordinary!


If you had the chance to interview an artist, who would it be? (Dead or alive)

I think Bob Marley would be interesting to have a chat with.