Meet Chris, owner of PLEK music and Spotify playlist curator from the Netherlands.
“This playlist contains a total of 50 songs and gets updated each Friday with 5 new songs added into the list, and 5 songs being removed over time. Artists, producers and even labels can submit their music to be on the playlist. The final decision making is done by our team at the label.”


How did your record label come about?

Nowadays it’s pretty easy for artists to get their music spread independently. The tools are all available, so we felt kind of crazy to be starting a record label in this day and age. It all started with a problem. Jack (artist & co-owner of the label) and I were working on his music and we had this one song which we were almost finished with. We kept working on it for weeks to get everything right because we knew it was something else. When we felt it was time to release it, we weren't sure of the right approach. We didn’t want to put it online ourselves because it deserved more attention, but we also knew the major dance labels would reject it because it wouldn’t fit their catalog. Long story short; that exact song became the first release on PLEK Music.


What’s the best part of running a record label?

Working with all the talented artists and receiving their new music that the world hasn’t heard yet.


What does the future look like for PLEK Music?

Our main goal is to improve the quality of the music that we release on the label. We still think there is a lot of room for improvement in this genre. Besides that, we are also looking into other ways to expand the label. Putting out music is only one thing, but it will always be our core business because it’s the most creative part.