Rap Essentials

Rap Essentials


Meet Daniel Snow, the founder of RapTV, which is a network of hip-hop music, artists, fans, and more.


When did you start Rap/RapTV?


What is the purpose behind Rap/RapTV?

RapTV connects rap/hip-hop fans across the globe. Hip-hop is not just music, but also has a strong culture behind it. We aim to keep our fans in the loop with anything and everything that goes on in the rap world at any given moment. Whether it is a new song that just dropped, exclusive snippets at concerts from around the world, or just interesting facts behind rap lyrics or the rappers themselves. It also serves as a community that brings together rap fans from across the globe and serves as an outlet for them to discuss the music and artists they love.

How did your playlist grow?

Our playlist Rap Essentials which now has 145,000 followers and counting grew simply from sharing it across all of our social media profiles on a consistent basis.

What are your favorite artists that you feature on this playlist?

I am a big Juice WRLD fan, but also am a big fan of Kanye West and Travis Scott.

Learn more about RapTV on IG @rap and raptv.com