Pyscodelic Trance

Pyscodelic Trance


Meet Luis, from Mexico.


What music did you listen to growing up?


It’s really weird because I grew up listening to rock in spanish, ska, reggae and that kind of music. I started listening to electronic when I turned 20.


Do you have any hidden musical talent?


Yes, I like to mix techno music.


Do you have any favorite concerts you’ve been to?


I have gone to many raves here and one in Canada. My favorites have been Ozora Mexico and Poison.


What’s the last song you listened to?


Lately I have been listening to dark psy trance, the last one was Water Flow. Its one of the songs on the list.


What’s more important to you, the lyrics or the beat of a song?


It’s difficult because, for example, I love rap in English and Spanish because of the lyrics, but I enjoy classical music, jazz and electronic a lot.

I think I consider both with the same importance.