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Evan Stein is the co-founder of Experience Music Group, an LA based sync music company that has been around to witness a lot of changes in the music industry.
"We decided to make playlists to help market our company, and our playlists have just blown up. We feature our favorite songs, music from our artists, and music that is sent to us that we enjoy."

How did you create your company?

I used to work for a company that manufactured CDs and DVDs in Hollywood and I would listen to all the music from the CDs. My friend (who is now my business partner) always wanted to work in the business so we decided to do it together. Originally helping artists get exposure and worked with a lot of indie rock bands before they got big.


Any interesting sync placements?

One of the first TV shows we ever synced for was Degrassi.


What music did you listen to growing up?

Bowie, KISS, Queen, 80s music. Once I got into licensing I got more into jazz and classical.


Do you go to concerts?

Of course! I grew up in LA and was always going to small venues everywhere!