pop girls

pop girls


Meet Serena, a music lover from Engalnd.
“I’m pretty much a typical teenage girl. I like spending time with my friends and I like fashion and going to bars but I’m also just as happy with my own company just lying in bed alone listening to music. As a person, I like to have fun and I’m kind of sensitive and I’m also pretty much always tired no matter how much I sleep. I’m currently studying psychology at university and want to work in mental health one day."

The soundtrack to my life?

Ribs - Lorde. The lyrics seem to sum up this stage of my life at this age and how I’m feeling quite accurately.

Most annoying song in the world?

One Kiss - Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa, it’sa fun song I guess but it’s so overplayed and repetitive that it makes me want to tear my hair out every time it comes on.

What’s most important, music or lyrics?

Music. A song doesn’t necessarily need substantial lyrics to influence your mood or to make you feel something which is what I like to get from songs. Although I do also have a preference for songs with lyrics that I can relate to or are poetic.

Favourite Artist?

Lana Del Rey. I love everything she’s ever put out from her sad girl anthems about drugs and ex-lovers to her optimistic guitar-based summer night melodies.


Interview an artist?

David Bowie. An icon. I love the way he expresses himself using music and fashion as an art form. I think he’s extremely intelligent and has experienced a lot so I think it’d be so interesting to hear what he has to say and try and understand how he would see the world today.

Last Concert?