Pop Exercise Playlist

Pop Exercise Playlist


Meet Stefanie, a 27 year old Spotify playlist curator from Salt Lake City, Utah..
I wanted to make a playlist containing a lot of upbeat pop music that would keep me pumped when I go to the gym, exercise, run, etc. It's even a great playlist for car rides.


Tell me a little about yourself - Do you make music? Why do you love music?

Growing up, music has always helped me escape from the stress and anxiety of day-to-day living. This is why I love music. Music has gotten me through the thick and thin.

What is the best concert you have attended?
Taylor Swift. Free ground-floor tickets!

Name a song that has been on 'repeat'

With You by Meghan Trainor and Kaskade

Name an artist that you have just discovered

I've been discovering a number of Pop Indie artists.

If you were an artist, who would you love to collaborate and make music with?


What song do you know the words to, but hate to listen to?

Friday by Rebecca Black