Pásame La Botella

Pásame La Botella


Meet Gonzalo, a latino music lover.
“I started this playlist around 5 years ago. “Pasame La Botella†was created first of all because I wanted to had my songs organized, I never imagined that so many people will follow me. When i saw people starting following my playlist, was a really good feeling because I felt that I could share my music not only with my friends, I could share it also with the world."


What music did you grow up listening to as a young kid?

I grew up listening to Latin Music, Regueton and Alternative Rock.


What artist, dead or alive, who would you interview and why?

I would like to interview Farruko because he is an artist who came from below and is now among the greatest of the genre.


What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

J Balvin's.


Do you have a hidden talent?

I play soccer very well and also I used to play the guitar and drums.


Do you have a life slogan?

Answer: Always a winner.