Old School Reggaeton/Reggaeton Vieja Escuela

Old School Reggaeton/Reggaeton Vieja Escuela


Meet Billy, a 31 year old Spotify playlist curator from Providence, Rhode Island..
“The playlist was made back in 2017. Reggaeton is in a whole different phase from what I listened to growing up. I wanted to be able put all the songs I could remember in one place and make sure I always had access to them. I also wished and hoped one day others would appreciate my knowledge of Reggaeton. I've been listening to the genre before it went main stream probably since 1996 back when you could only find that music on bootlegged tapes at the flea market!”


What kind of music/artists did you grow up listening to?

I try to listen to all types of music. It's my getaway. My parents are Guatemalan so I listened to a lot of Cumbia, Rancheras, and Marimba. However, living in the East Coast I was also exposed to Bachata, Merengue, Hip Hop and of course Reggaeton. The artists I'd listen to would Include Selena, Los Tigres Del Norte, Fidel Funes, Aventura, Antony Santos, DMX and sooo many more! I am truly thankful for being exposed to a little bit of everything.

Who are your all-time favorite artists and why?

My all time favorites have to be, The King Daddy Yankee, Arcangel, Plan B and Wisin Y Yandel. Daddy Yankee in my opinion is the most important and most consistent artist in the genre. I credit Gasolina for being the track that finally broke the walls down into mainstream. Almost 30 years of career and he has not slowed down one bit. Arcangel, his flow, his demeanor and overall cockiness just makes you feel confident and gets you in a chill vibe. Plan B, oh man their music will get the party started. We've all been at a party and as soon as you heard "Triple xXx...Guatauba en eta' ve' con el Plan B eh eh...Y Manolo Algarete... (beat drop)" you knew it was time to get up and dance. No questions asked. Finally, Wisin y Yandel, overall they just create hits after hits. Not to mention that their performance live is one of my favorite concerts of all times. Although, I do blame them for almost killing reggeaton at one point, but that's a whole different conversation. 

Name a song (or songs) you have listened to on repeat –

Bad Bunny - Callaita. Plan b Guatauba. MassmoneyFaith -Faith and Griz Gusto - Nights like this 

Any interesting artist(s) you've just started listening to recently?

Prayers (Chicano goth).Cuco his music is different, chill and trippy. Rosalia super creative. Local Artists MassMoney Fait, SKo and Griz Gusto. 

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I'm a creative IT Guy who likes to listen to a lot of music, explore up and coming artist and be creative. I enjoy photography, graphic design and technology. Follow the IG @djbillybillz for random stuff photography, music, memes and cute pictures of my girlfriend lol. Also, follow my Spotify bgonzales88 for random playlists which are always work in progress!