Now That's What I Call Reggae

Now That's What I Call Reggae


Meet David, a 27 year old from the UK.
"I was inspired by an album I set up as a collection of (in my opinion) some of the best Reggae songs to enjoy."



What music did you grow up listening to as a young kid?
I grew up with Elvis and I was always around retro music like Motown, and the Bee Gees.

Do you have a hidden talent?
I write screenplays for film and TV and music really helps to focus!

If you were a singer, what current living artist would you like to collaborate with?
Ed Sheeran, his voice is so natural and has written some remarkable songs that are fresh and unique

What artist, dead or alive, who would you interview and why?
I would interview Frank Sinatra to find out what moment it was he found his iconic voice and started his career.

Name your top 3 favorite artist and why?
Frank Sinatra, Ed Sheeran, and Elvis Presley. I found my interest in jazz music through Frank Sinatra, and growing up with Elvis realizing how, like Frank, their music has lasted generations. Ed Sheeran is the most down to earth modern artist with talent.