New York Hip Hop

New York Hip Hop


Meet Adam, 29 year old from Louisiana, currently in Los Angeles by way of New York.
“Life without knowledge is death in disguise” - Talib Kweli

What is your favorite music to dance to?

Hip-hop, for sure.

If you could go back to an era, which would you go back to?

Mid 80’s you get the hair bands and the ballads and the birth of hip hop, its an interesting time

What new artist have you been listening to lately?


What is the most recent concert you have been to, and your favorite concert you have ever been too?

Most Recent: Chance The Rapper - Filmore Auditorium in Denver, CO

Favorite Concert: Kanye on the Yeezy tour at Madison Square Garden. Craziest experience I’ve ever had at a concert.

Favorite Album(s) of all-time?

Low End Theory - A Tribe Called Quest..trailblazer for jazz inspired albums.

Raising Hell - RUN DMC..first album, actually it was a tape.

Carter III - Lil Wayne, the album of my college days.