Movimiento naranja, movimiento ciudadano :v

Movimiento naranja, movimiento ciudadano :v


Meet Joel, a 24 year old Spotify playlist curator from Guadalajara/ Jalisco/ México.
“I don't remember exactly [when I made this playlist] but it was 4 years ago (2015 approx) & I created with the music that I listened on parties that got my attention or simply searching random music on Spotify ”


Describe your playlist. Perfect situation(s) for jamming it include:

Maybe whenever you want, but I really listen that kind of music on my car or parties. Sometimes when I'm cleaning the house lol


Who is your favorite artist?

Alan Walker. I listen this music since I was 16. I remember when his music it wasn't so famous like today


What's your favorite show you've ever been to? Describe what made it special:

The Dreamfield 2019. It's a massive festival/concert of DJ's and it's a really beautiful show of lights and music that you can enjoy for two days here in gdl.


What song do you currently have on repeat?

I recently had been listening "repeat after me" of Dimitri Vegas & like mike, armin van Buuren, W & W. It's a great song and if you turn up the speakers 100% you're going to have the best sound experience.


If you could interview one artist dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Maybe David Guetta, is a master making songs, there's no song you don't like. All his compositions are amazing. And I would like to ask what's the secret or recommendations to make a greatest hit


What's more important to you: lyrics or production?

Absolutely lyrics, I like when the song impacts your soul with the words composed but I can't leave out the production because one song with awesome lyrics is nothing with a good production