Meet Tatiana, a 18 year old Spotify playlist curator from Jakarta, Indonesia…
“I am an Instagram influencer in Jakarta, as well as a rapper and I am still busy with my university too - taking Fashion Business courses. I am always very active in sports - martial arts, because these things that I am doing helps me express myself and whatever’s on my mind.”

When & why did you make your playlist?

It was the end of last year I believe. my playlists were made so that I can vibe with whatever mood I'm in. 


Describe your playlist. Perfect situation(s) for jamming include:

Moody is definitely a deep, chill playlist where I can just connect with my soul and be able to feel a lot of emotions. Our lives are not always happy, it's a roller coaster and we can feel a bit down and moody in a lot of our days, so this playlist allow you or anyone who listen to it to flow with the mood and enjoy it.


What was the best concert you've ever attended and why? (Include as many details as you'd like: city / venue / when / with whom...) 

LANY - in Jakarta. because I am such a huge fan of them, I think they are very realistic in expressing the way we all think somehow, and their lyrics are just so simple yet so emotional.


What kind of music / artists did you grow up listening to? 

I always enjoy rap, because I am a rapper as well in Indonesia. TAT MANNERZ is my name, but yeah I always enjoy hip hop mixed with a Coldplay chill vibe.


Who are your all-time favorite artists and why? 

Eminem. He taught me a lot and his lyrics are very relatable.