#Monster Energy

#Monster Energy


Meet Ivan, a 18 year old EDM Spotify playlist curator from Vigo, Spain..
“I like monster energy a lot & one day I did a music list with the name & logo.”


Describe your playlist. Perfect situation(s) for jamming it include:

"I love my playlist, just bass & good music"


What kind of music/artists did you grow up listening to? 

"I grow up with hiphop music if I will say but then I change to bass music. Its a Swedish artist name labyrint"


Any interesting artist(s) you've just started listening to recently?

"My man Raffe m is the artist. Im listening to his music now but I acually like almost anyting"


Tell us about you! Occupation, hobbies, interests, a quote, your site, etc. -- anything you want to add to introduce yourself at the top of your post!

"I start my playlist so people can listen to bass music, It has been 6 years and I have know over 1 tousen followers. It's amazing how many people like the playlist"