make abgs cry

make abgs cry
make abgs cry


Meet Jiho, a 24-year-old Spotify playlist curator from California.
“As an Asian-American, I was really intrigued by the love of a really particular type of EDM music from the Asian community. I made a playlist of songs that capture that vibe that seems to be popular to "abgs."”
Who is your favorite artist? 
Currently, it is Illenium but Said the Sky is moving up in my rankings.
Best concert you've ever been to? 
Don Diablo at EDC 2016 was really cool. Every artist there was great but his set was really memorable.
Do you play any instruments? If not is there one you would like to learn? 
I learned guitar and piano in the past, and still have the basics down.
What artist (dead or alive) had the biggest impact on your life? 
Avicii was the first "EDM" artist I ever listened to and I think his style is unlike any other and I still listen to his older music today.