Link in bio: The Playlist

Link in bio: The Playlist


Meet Dillion, 23 years old, from Boston.
Why did you make your playlist?
Because spotify playlists are the new blogs, this is where people find new music. Being a curator of a successful playlist puts you in the position to showcase unknown indie artists and could potentially make you a lot of money. The sky is really the limit.


Who is you favorite artist?

“Lil Wayne is my favorite artist out at the moment.”


Best concert you've ever been to?

“The best concert was an Anderson Paak concert”


Do you play any instruments? If not is there one you would like to learn?

“I play the keys, and produce a little bit on the side.”


What artist (dead or alive) had the biggest impact on your life?

“Mac Miller, he made the biggest mark on my life and I thank him for it.”