Life Sux ...and then you die.

Life Sux ...and then you die.


Meet Levi, 22 years old from Hannover, Germany.
“This playlist is a vent for all people out there who've been through a rough time. Often it feels like everyone on social media has to pretend everything is alright and perfect in your life. This playlist is a form of expression for all the people who got rid of pretending to be fine or feels alone with his / her feelings - that's why its description is "you're not alone".”

What is the soundtrack to your life? 

nothing, nowhere - ruiner [Album]


What’s more important to you? Music; or Lyrics? Why?  

I say it's 50/50; The music creates the right atmosphere and vibes with the melody, chords etc., but the lyrics give a deeper meaning to it and give the artist the possibility to express concrete feelings or experiences. It's like reading a book - the letters are the lyrics and the story behind it is the music.


Favorite artist? Top 5?  

Tough question hahah 1. AVICII  2. Lil Peep 3. nothing, nowhere  4. Linkin Park 5. The Chainsmokers


If you had the chance to interview an artist, who would it be? (Dead or alive) and why? 

AVICII - he was my main inspiration as a producer (I am a music producer myself) and also as a human being. Tims way of writing melodies and chords were extremely unique and his way of arranging a song / creating atmosphere with a song..I don't know any other producer who was able to write like him. The entire scene that he grew up in was and still is so much after the money and AVICII was like a rock in between - always living for the music and trying to express his stories with his musical crafts. I just would love to have an interview with him about his musical productions, his visions / ideas and his many things to ask, so many question about his journey. RIP to a legend.


Last concert? 

Marteria & Casper - 1982 Tour (german rap)