Kpop 2019

Kpop 2019


Meet David, a 19 year old from Germany.
"When I made my playlist, Kpop was not as famous as it is today. Spotify didn't even have a special category for Kpop. So I decided to create my own playlist."

What are some of your favorite new artists?

I don't really have a new favorite artist, for me I just focus on music. I don't really dislike artists either if I don't like their music. In the Kpop scene we say "multifandom," which means if there are multiple artists that have similar music, you like all of them, rather than liking one or the other, less competition!

What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

BTS in Berlin in October of 2018. When they announced their tour I was freaking out, I've been a huge fan for over 4 years.


If you could make a song with any artist, who would you choose?

SUGA (a.k.a August D.), he is a member of the Band BTS and is famous for his producing and songwriting skills. I could learn a lot from him.