Kabinenhits - Fußball - Motivation

Kabinenhits - Fußball - Motivation


Meet Ralf Salomon, 26 years old from Würzburg, Germany.
“I created the playlist as motivation soundtrack for our football team. Since I could not find a suitable playlist on Spotify, I had to create my own one.”

What is the soundtrack to your life? 

Kansas - Carry on my wayward son. I connect many great experiences with this song.


What’s more important to you? Music; or Lyrics? Why?  

I think the music is the most important, but a good track with good Lyrics makes it even better.


Favorite artist?  

Phil Collins is definitely my favorite artist


If you had the chance to interview an artist, who would it be? (Dead or alive)

Michael Jackson, such a legend... in my opinion


Last concert? 

Mumford & Sons in Kopenhagen was the last concert I attended