Justin Bieber: Purpose Tour 2016

Justin Bieber: Purpose Tour 2016


Meet Anik, a 23 year old Spotify playlist curator from Montreal, Canada.
“Before attending a concert, I always make a playlist with songs that will be played live. I like going to a concert and knowing what to expect.”


What's your playlist name?

Justin Bieber: Purpose Tour 2016 


Who is your favorite artist?

Justin Bieber


What's your favorite concert you've been to?

Harry Styles at Madison Square Garden


Do you play any instruments? If not, is there one you would like to learn?

No, I played clarinet in high school. I’d like to learn how to play piano.


What artist (dead or alive) had the biggest impact on your life?

Justin Bieber, no surprise. I’ve been a fan for a decade and because of that, I have made so many friends.


Name the last album you purchased?

Shawn Mendes (album)