Iron Sky

Iron Sky


Meet Kim, 35 years old from Denmark.
“I made this playlist because we needed a mellow playlist for work that everybody would be able to listen to. Can't say I've never gotten complaints, most people at work like it... I think.”


What is the soundtrack to your life? 

Blood on the Tracks


Favorite artist? 

Bob Dylan


If you had the chance to interview an artist, who would it be? (Dead or alive) 

Freddie Mercury


What is the best concert you have ever been to? 

Nick Cave at Roskilde Festival


Do you have a favorite quote? 

Fuck it.



What is the most annoying song in the world?

Friday - Rebecca  Black


What’s more important to you? Music; or Lyrics? Why?

Lyrics. Its what I pay attention to the most when I hear a song.