i love you baby and if its quite alright

i love you baby and if its quite alright


Meet Gemma Lindsay, a 18 year old Spotify playlist curator from Australia.
 “I was 13 and a lonely teenage girl that no guys were interested in. I wanted my playlist to help me imagine slow dancing with my ideal guy or be serenaded by my dream boyfriend or celebrity crush.”



What music did you listen to growing up as a kid?

I listened to everything from old Australian rock, Jazz, Soul to S-Club 7. I was brought up with my mum playing Sade, Alicia Keys, and Michael Buble around the house, she's a sucker for soul and jazz music. But, when my Dad would drop me to school or drive places, I'd listen to a completely different genre. AC/DC and Powderfinger would be blasting through the speakers of his car and I loved it! With all my parents influence of their music, I still made my way to older music like Frankie Valli, Paul Anka and Little Richard; which would make my grandparents very proud.


If you were a singer, what current living artist would you love to collaborate with?

I've always dreamed of making my own music and always wondered who I would collaborate with, if I ever had the opportunity. I would love to collaborate with Ed Sheeran or Shawn Mendes. I would also love to make music with Lily Allen or Alicia Keys. It's very difficult to choose just one artist, but those are the artists I aspire to be like. 


Do you play an instrument? If no, what instrument would you love to learn?

I've loved music since a very young age, so I tried to always learn more about the different instruments used to make a hit song. I started playing piano when I was 6, and played for 6 years, along with viola and clarinet. When I moved schools, I took up guitar and have been playing ever since.


Do you have any hidden talents?

I wouldn't exactly say it's truly hidden, but I love to sing and love writing music. However, I've never had the courage to sing in front of a large group of people. Most of my singing practice is in the shower.


What is more important to you, music or lyrics? Why?

For me, music and lyrics are both equally as important but I care more about the music in the song. I love listening to songs and hearing different instruments and different sounds being put together to create a masterpiece. A song can have great lyrics but if the beat is off or the rhythm isn't just right, for me it can make or break the song.