Hits 2019: Ellie Goulding - Flux

Hits 2019: Ellie Goulding - Flux


Meet Laurel Wilson a 28-year-old from Cleveland, Ohio.
“I created my playlist in 2016 before my first trip to London. I just wanted some good tunes to listen to on the plane. When I landed and went off airplane mode, my phone was blowing up with notifications that people had started following my playlist. It was a fun surprise and I have been working to curate it with current top hits ever since.”

Do you play any instruments? If no, which instrument do you wish you could play?

I used to play the piano, but I stopped practicing years ago. Now I only know a few chords and I wish I had stuck with it when I was younger!

Do you have a life slogan?

The best adventures happen when we get lost. Some of my best memories are of my travels and getting off the beaten path without a plan.

If you were a singer, what current living artist would you like to collaborate with?

Martin Garrix

Name one of your favorite albums of all time?

Coldplay - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends because it reminds me of Summer.

Do you have a hidden talent?

I am really good at finding good deals on travel so I started blogging about it at lostinlaurelland.com!