Heavyweight Bass Selection

Heavyweight Bass Selection


Meet Tommie Keeston, the director and founder of Kinphonic; one of the largest up and coming record labels in electronic music!
“Kinphonic started in 2015, as a Record label, Talent Management/Booking company. We provide our artists complete tools of services to help them succeed.”

What kind of music is kinphonic currently looking for?


We are not constricted to any genre but we work mostly over Dubstep, Drum & bass, Bass House and EDM-ish genres.


Heavyweight Bass is our compilation for Heavy Dubstep.


How did the playlists begin? Were there originally no playlists for Kinphonic?

We have been running Spotify playlists for years already, the Heavyweight Bass playlist were one of the first we created. The name “Heavyweight” comes from our annual Dubstep EP.


Does kinphonic have a life slogan or quote that record label lives up to?


"We are kin!"


What can we expect to see for the future of Kinphonic?

We are spreading out our release schedule over different genres, as well we are running different genres playlists on Spotify, events, our new merchandise and much more to come!


Kinphonic has many more amazing playlists and lots of talented artists that are definitely worth listening to! Learn more about Kinphonic @ kinphonic.com