Meet Viktor, a 23 year old Spotify playlist curator from Sweden, Eslöv.
“I never thought anyone would relate to my feelings.Now I have people from around the world reaching out and my followers keep on growing”


Describe your playlist. Perfect situation(s) for jamming it include:

My playlist has over 3000 songs that I’ve collected since atleast 5-7 years back (probably even more). In my opinion the playlist fits every situation. My tips is to switch the ”sorting” on the list to ”recently added”. There is some awesome bangers from the HDM-scene that I update weekly, sometimes even daily.


Who is your favorite artist?

Hard to choose, but im gonna say D-Block & S-Te-Fan. They’ve released so many bangers the last year and has more to come that i can’t wait to be released.


What's your favorite show you've ever been to? Describe what made it special:

Defqon 1, without any doubt. I’ve been there two years in a row and it never dissapoints. You find every artist in the HDM-scene perform there, thats what’s special.


What song do you currently have on repeat?

Feel Alive by Subraver, a song with a beautiful melody and leads, but also brings a raw tone to it, absolutely perfect. A new talent too.


Who is the first artist you remember connecting to growing up?

Probably Scooter


Is there any music that turns you off? If so, what genres / artists:

Mumble-Rap or Rap in any kind. The only rap I can listen to is probably Eminem and Post Malone


If you could interview one artist dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Same answer as my favourite artist. I want to know how and what they do during the production of a song.


What's more important to you: lyrics or production?

I listen waaay more to the production than the lyrics, so i gotta say that the production is the most important for me.