Hardcore EDM workout mix

Hardcore EDM workout mix


Meet Wayland, a 26 year old Spotify playlist curator from Williamsburg.
“I needed a workout mix and I didn't like any of the ones made already.”


Describe your playlist. Perfect situation(s) for jamming it include:

Working out, Dancing, Vibing, Road Trip Head Banging


Who is your favorite artist?

I dont have favorites, too many amazing artist out there!


What's your favorite show you've ever been to? Describe what made it special:

Winter Wonderland in Hawaii. SCARY COSTUMES!



Who is the first artist you remember connecting to growing up?

Doctor P


Is there any music that turns you off? If so, what genres / artists:

Todays Rap...


If you could interview one artist dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Elvis, I used to be obsessed with his music as a kid.


What's more important to you: lyrics or production?

Production with good lyics make the song captivating.