getting ready💜💜

getting ready💜💜


Meet Léonie Lamber, a 18 year old Spotify playlist curator from Germany.
“In the first place I wanted to have all of my favorite songs in one playlist. After a lot of my friends told me, that they like my type of music I started to create more playlist for different seasons or different events."

What music did you listen to growing up as a kid?

I always heard the same music as my parents, luckily they heard a lot of RnB and I am so glad that I got to experience the real RnB and right now I do even have a playlist filled with 90's and 00's RnB sounds.

If you were a singer, what current living artist would you love to collaborate with?

There are a lot of artist which are amazing and I would love to collaborate with. But I have to say I would choose a German rapper named Shindy. I love his music since his first album, with each year he got better and better. Furthermore he seems like a very chill and cool person, I would love to talk & make music with him.

Do you play an instrument? If no, what instrument would you love to learn?

I know how to play guitar.


What is the best concert you've ever been to?

A German rap group, 187. They just had a great vibe and the whole crowd was feeling it.


What is your favorite quote?

Actually I have a lot of favorite quotes, I like collecting quotes. But right now it is: “When god says he’ll give you back better than what you lost, believe him.” 

Do you have a life slogan?

Yes, it always changes but right now it is: “don’t look for a rich husband, be a rich wife.”


Name your top 3 favorite artist and why?

Shindy, because he just has the best lyrics.

Tyga, because he makes good club music.

Nicki Minaj, she is the queen of rap and also has deep feeling vibe songs.


What is more important to you, music or lyrics? Why?

For the club music, but alone lyrics.