Get Outta Your Mind

Get Outta Your Mind


Meet Alex Cayton, 20, from Phoenix, Arizona -
“I’m currently a senior at the University of Arizona studying criminal justice. I work for The Collins Law Firm as a law clerk. I love going to music festivals.”



When & why did you make your playlist?

I believe when I was a senior in high school. I used it for music for parties and for my own personal use.


Perfect situation(s) for jamming your playlist include:

In the car or before going out with friends. 


What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

Mainly country and rap, but once I got to college I mainly started listening to EDM.


What was the best concert you’ve ever attended and why?

EDC Las Vegas - it was an amazing experience due to the production, artists I got to see, and being with a large group of friends.


First concert you attended?

Luke Bryan in 2015


Last concert you attended?

EDC Las Vegas


Who are your all-time favorite artists and why?

Slander, Boombox Cartel, Martin Garrix. I love all different types of EDM but these three stick out.


Name one of your favorite albums of all time -

Epiphany by T Pain. I have always loved T-Pain since I was a child.


Name a song(s) you have listened to on repeat –

Potions ft. JT Roach - Slander & Said the Sky

All My Friends - Madeon

This Groove - Oliver Heldens