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Meet Ines, 29 years old from Madrid, Spain.
“I live in Madrid, Spain, specifically in Malasaña, which is a very multicultural neighborhood. Several of the most valuable artistic and socio-cultural movements of our country have come from where I live.I am quite carefree, impulsive and lonely. Music accompanies me everywhere. I love to travel, read and enjoy nature. You could say I'm a little "animal" so to speak.”


What is the most annoying song in the world?

Omi - Cheerleader. What frustrates me most is that it is so catchy. Sometimes I find myself singing it and I get angry ...

What is more important for you? Music; or lyrics? Why?

Music. It is more intuitive, the lyrics can be found in other areas and the best music in the world for me has no lyrics: Beethoven, Bach ... I believe music skips the rational channel and goes directly to intuition and instincts. That does not mean that good music with lyrics does not make me scream their words. 


Favorite artist?

I honestly do not think I can choose. There are too many artists and talented people that thrill me. If I had to choose I would say Bob Dylan.

If you had the opportunity to interview an artist, who would it be? (Alive or dead)

Janis Jopling

Last concert?

I do not remember the name of the artists .. It was one of electronic cumbia in the Sol room in Madrid.