Drunk White Girl Songs

Drunk White Girl Songs


Meet Travis, a 20-year-old hip-hop head from New England.
“During my freshman year of college, I found that I really enjoyed DJing at pre-games and had a knack for knowing what to play/what was popular. Prior to making my playlist, I had found similar playlists but they were all really bloated or contained (in my opinion) trash songs. So I took the concept and decided to make my own.”

What is the soundtrack to your life?
My playlist Issa Trap. I have that on blast 24/7, if not then I'm out finding new music.

What is the most annoying song in the world?
Lip Gloss by Lil Mama.

What’s more important to you? Music; or lyrics? Why?
This question always bugs me because it's naive to think one is more important than the other. I'm a huge hip-hop fan, and to me, what makes a great track is it's all about how the artist's voice/lyrics and the beat/producer work together to move your emotions. You put trash lyrics on an amazing beat and it's still trash, and vice versa. Music is an art, and like any art, it's the sum of its whole. My explanation is very hip-hop orientated but the same can be said for any genre.

Favorite artist?
No way I can pick one but some of my favorites are:
Travis Scott
Lil Uzi Vert
and Juice WRLD

Who is an up and coming artist you think is going to blow up soon?
The Kid LORAI. He's like 15 coming out of Australia and already went on tour with Juice there. He's been in NYC recording and all this stuff so I'm super excited to see what's coming. He only has 1 song on Spotify at the moment.

If you had the chance to interview any artist, who would it be? (dead or alive)
I would have loved to speak to XXXTENTACION before he passed. I'm a big fan of his and he always had such an energy about him. Juice WRLD also seems like he'd be a cool guy to bool with.

Last concert you went to?
The last and only concert I've been to was Lil Baby and J.I.D. put on by my college. The event and its organization was garbage so I don't really count it. Still waiting for that sick first concert/festival experience.