Dope Vibes

Dope Vibes


Meet Simon, a 24 year old from Copenhagen.
“I made this playlist to create a world full of chill beats, good vibes and to make people happy with songs they might not have known about otherwise. It’s like a game for me to find these hidden gems.”

Name your top 3 favorite artists and why?

Toro Y Moi, because he combines chill beats with alternative vibes, same goes for James Blake. He’s phenomenal at creating chill vibes with great voices and interesting beats. The last one must be Jamie XX. He’s just out of this world with his way to create the most melodic cozy atmosphere.


What music did you grow up listening to as a young kid?

Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Britney Spears.


Do you play any instruments?

Nope not yet. I want to learn how to play piano.


What is the best concert that you have ever been to?