Disney Deustch

Disney Deustch


Meet 24 year old Tinka Neumann who lives in Hagen, Germany.
“I made my playlist in 2013 and I continued to add a few songs as the years followed.”




What are some of your favorite new artists?
There are many good artists that I like. I mostly hear songs from the radio; so I listen to a mixture of everything or I'm listening to my own Disney playlist. 

What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?
I've never been to any concert. I've only seen a few Disney musicals. I liked Aladdin very much.

If you could make a song with any artist, who would you choose?
I've never really thought about this. I'm not someone who really prefers any star or artist. I just think that every star is a normal person and not something special. If I have to choose someone I would prefer someone who is very normal and funny and someone who could keep small-talk.