Cooking & Drinking

Cooking & Drinking


Usher was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, a music producer on the side, but has spent most of his professional life as a beekeeper and organic garden grower. This playlist was inspired by the memories of the music his mother would play when he was a child while they cooked dinner together.
"My playlist following grew when I was living in New York, I would go to bars that weren’t playing music or music that people weren't enjoying so I would suggest the bartenders to play my playlist and everyone always loved it and it just spread."

What music did you grow up listening to as a young kid?

Parents were great music influencers, my mother played guitar. My grandmother passed down her vinyl to me, albums like Earth Wind & Fire, Blue Oyster Cult, Traffic and other music from 70s & 80s. And Motown was always playing during our morning drives to school.


What artist, dead or alive, would you interview and why?

Otis Redding. I  just read a book on him and so many of his songs changed my idea of where I live in Savannah, so I can really relate. I want to know his thoughts on how his songs have affected the industry. I’d also love to have a beer with Led Zeppelin.


Do you have a hidden talent?

My old profession, beekeeping, is a hidden and interesting talent. Especially since I don’t like honey. The bees also love my playlist, I swear it makes them more calm.


What is your favorite music you like to dance to?

Soul & Motown


What musicians are you inspired by?

I love long instrumental music. But I’m really inspired by the Motown revival music, like Nathaniel Ratecliff and Mayer Hawthorne.