Chillout, Chillstep & Remixes - Dani Diamond

Chillout, Chillstep & Remixes - Dani Diamond


Meet Dani, a 30-year-old music lover from Connecticut.
“I couldn't find any playlist that contained tracks with great beats and melodies yet chilled enough that you can listen to it all day without getting a headache. It's hard to find such a balance in the EDM world.”

What is the soundtrack to your life?
Every week my favorite soundtrack changes which is why creating a playlist full of my top tracks was born.

What is the most annoying song in the world?
Baby Shark. My twins listen to it on repeat.

What’s more important to you? Music; or lyrics? Why?
Music. Definitely music. My wife disagrees with me on this, she is the opposite. For me, it's about the melodies. I like listening to music because, well, it's music. It's the music that gets me dancing. A track with great lyrics but no melody is not music for me, its a poem and I don't dance to poems.

Favorite artist?
ILLENIUM, I know this may be cliche but if I could pick only one artist he would be the one. He has a huge collection of amazing tracks.

If you had the chance to interview any artist, who would it be? (dead or alive)
Aviici. I just want to talk to him to see what was going through his head when he was still with us.

Last concert you went to?
Charlie Puth many years ago before he was famous. There was only 50 or so of us at a bar with him.